We're looking forward to taking you on a globetrotting adventure abroad! We’re passionate about providing travellers with the opportunity to ‘Live, Work and Play' employed by the most incredible, iconic hotels and resorts in the UK.

We offer a selection of work experiences, which are ideal for funding your adventures. Whether you’re a student, recent graduate or simply looking for an exciting seasonal ‘Work & Travel’ experience, this is a great opportunity to gain valuable life experience and make new friends from all over the world.

We also offer volunteer opportunities to help you see more of the world.

London is still the destination of choice for travellers and backpackers with a 2 year, Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa. Our Hotels in London offers ideal work and travel conditions such as compressed working hours, self-rostering shifts and flexible contracts. Obtaining employment where control of shifts and days are in your hands, coupled with very cheap accommodation and rent..

Work to live, don't live to work."

Our program partners are contracted to provide catering for their clients across the country, The role now often extends beyond catering with many being contracted in management services such as reception, maintenance and security, cleaning, ground maintenance and even crèche management and event crewing, Labouring and construction. 



  • Our JumpStart Program programme can include; 
  • Pre-departure job offer in hospitality in central London
  • No interview on arrival required – your job will already be confirmed;
  • Staff accommodation in central London Zone 1-4
  • Compressed working hours allowing you to work over shorter number of days
  • Flexi-time; means you can vary your starting and finishing times each day. 
  • Shift working is necessary for any hospitality business that needs staff outside of the general 9-5 shift
  • Live in pub and hotel app 
  • Free meals provided by housing and hotel management
  • Assistance with your National Insurance Number application;
  • UK Bank account
  • Ongoing support from our UK Office;
  • Free current job placements & relocations
  • Basic UK YMS visa or UK Ancestry visa application guidance
  • Hostel stay add-on at discounted rates
  • Volunteering options free rent and food (conditions) apply



  Between 18-30 years of age;
  Eligible to apply for and receive a UK work visa (or a UK/EU Passport);
  Enthusiastic and outgoing personality;
  Fluent in conversational and written English;
  No serious criminal or traffic offences.



Taking a gap year? Trying to fund your travels? Making a permanent move over to the UK? An ideal way on your gap year to both work and travel. Brits love Aussies, kiwis, and Canadians, and our partners are super keen to employ you.
No experience no problem, we have jobs to suit everyone. All our posts are in central London for bar staff, waiters, chefs, and more. Not sure what you want to do in the UK?

  • Program Inclusions

    • Guaranteed Job in London months before departure
    • Traveller Employment Contract - two-week notice period, unique and exclusive for our applicants
    • Room in a Shared House in London Zones 2 or 3
    • Travel Rental Agreement – a two-week minimum lease contract, unique and exclusive for our applicants
    • 24-months ongoing job & accommodation placements - flexibility to travel whenever you like, as often as you please, and always come back to a room and work!
    • 24-months ongoing support from our London office
    • Minimum hour guarantees policy from The Working Holiday Club™
    • £50 a day job guarantee insurance, in case of a delay
    • UK Bank Account 
    • National Insurance Number Assistance
    • Free International Money Transfer
    • Pay-as-you-go SIM Card
    • Arrival Info, Parties & City Walking Tours
    • Discounted hostel bookings at Generator London
    • Free Pub Crawl
    • Roommate Matching Service – matching new arrivals together as good housemates
    • Room Share Service – accommodate friends and couples travelling together
    • Pre-departure Skype calls from our London office to ensure your booking and application is complete
    • Door-to-door airport booking service 
    • Employment workshops for agency work 
    • Discounted entry to popular night clubs & pubs
    • Weekly social event invites to meet new travel buddies, plus free Busabout giveaway prizes
    • UK tax return assistance – claim the price of package back
    • Invites to regular organised Europe weekend breaks
  • The Job

    Pre-departure job offer

    You will have the option to work as an outdoor events member or an indoor events member, or both!


    Music Events & Film Stage Crew 

    • Location: London
    • What will I be doing: One day you will be unloading a truck outside a hotel, the next putting covering on a race course, the next helping the lights, sound, set departments set up for a concert or festival.
    • Type of events: Corporate events, television, theatre and festival business
    • Rate of Pay: £10.00 per hour
    • Shift length: 4 - 12 hours per shift
    • No grooming policies apply
    • Manual labour, some may find physically demanding


    Hotel Event Crew

    • Location: London
    • What will I be doing: You will do a variety of jobs to ensure the event runs smoothly. You will be asked to help with bar and table service of food and beverages, event set-up and pack-down, cloakroom, after parties and more.
    • Type of events: Corporate, celebrity, weddings, television and more...
    • Rate of Pay£7.50 to £9.20 per hour plus paid holidays
    • Shift length: 8 - 12 hours per shift
    • Grooming policy applies  


    How Does it Work?


    At the end of your first week and after you have set up all your paperwork with our team in London; you will attend your job induction.


    Along with 15-20 other Aussies and Kiwis arriving on the Jumpstart you will be fully trained and learn everything there is to know about your new role, ready to start your first shift the following week.


    During your first 3 weeks of employment you will have the opportunity to work a shift at each of our 17 different venues and hotel partners. We partner with top five star hotels in zone one of central London, being Bond Street, Regent, Picadilly Circus; such as the Savoy the Dorchester, the Ritz Carlton and many more. You will be working high end events such as London Fashion Week, Movie Premiers, Product Launches, Extravagant Weddings, and many more Corporate Functions.
    After this period you will have an opportunity to choose your 5 preferred Hotels and from here on out we will allocate you shifts at only these venues.



    Please be aware, that we have a great working relationship with these hotels and have been in partnership since 2004. They will not tolerate tardiness such as turning up to work late, hungover or drunk, and you must present yourself clean and well-kept for every shift. We understand that you are in a new city and may get lost once but they will strictly operate to a three strike policy whereby; the first time round you will get a stern warning, second time round pay will be deducted, and third time round you will no longer be offered employment.



    Taking Leave

    Through the Jumpstart London Program we encourage you to travel as much as possible and give you the freedom to do so as often as you like, year round. If you are planning on travelling to Europe or beyond, just give our UK Team as much notice as possible so we can assist you in booking shifts up until the day you leave, and from whenever you wish to return. 



    Some facts about working in London and seasonal trends 

    There are three seasons to look at when planning when to arrive in London. The period separating seasons are mainstream holiday periods; Christmas, Easter and Summer break. Therefore you will want to arrive in London at the end of a holiday period, hence the start of one of the following working seasons;

    1. Mid-January to Mid-March (9 weeks between holiday break)
    2. Mid-April to End-July (13 weeks between holiday break)
    3. September to Mid-December (15 weeks between holiday break)


  • The Accommodation

    When you join the Jumpstart london™ you will have the option of two accommodation styles, a bed in a shared house,  zones 2-3, or a bed in student type accommodation in zone 1
    Shared houses zones 2-3
    • You will have the option of staying in a single, twin shared, or double room. Our houses are in zones 2,3 and 4 of east, west, and south-west london and are about 25-35 minutes commute from central london.
    Weekly rentals start from:
    • £85 - £100 per week all bills included (shared room) * great for friends, solo travellers and budget-conscious travellers
    • £100 - £120 per week all bills included (single room)
    • £160 per week all bills included (double) * great for couples 
    • £200 deposit required to secure your spot pre-departure
    Top reasons why this is good
    • Travel rent free
    • Travel as often as you like
    • Cheap rent by sharing
    • No huge upfront costs
    • Meet great people 
    • No long-term leases or lock it contracts
    • Not liable to covering rent of other rooms if house mates move out
    • No obligation to stay or pay rent if you move somewhere else or find another house to live in
    Shared student rooms zone 1

    You will have the option of staying in a single, twin shared, or  triple room. Our rooms are all in zone1, in walking distances for work 

    Weekly rentals are;
    • £128 per week all bills included (3 per room)
    • £150 per week all bills included (2 per room)
    • 3 meals per day 
    • free internet
    • bedding
    • contents insurance
    • bills
    • cleaning
    • gym
    • social events 
    • pool tables & table tennis
    • xbox and games rooms
    • tv rooms
    • sports days 
    • £200 deposit required to secure your spot pre departure 

    Top reasons why this is good
    • Travel rent free
    • Volunteer for 20 hours a week and stay rent free plus get free meals 
    • Walk to work and save on transports cost
    • Easy to get home at night
    • No long commute 
    • Free food
    • Free internet
    • Safe and secure for first time travellers
    • Live with other cultures not just Aussie and kiwis
    • Travel as often as you like
    • Cheap rent in zone 1
    • No huge upfront costs
    • Meet great people 
    • No long-term leases or lock in contracts
    • Not liable to covering rent of other rooms if house mates move out
    • No obligation to stay or pay rent if you move somewhere else or find another house to live in
    • Content insurance for your personal belonging included
    • Lockable personal space
    • Free gym
    • Live in heart of London and get a real London experience before moving to the suburb

    Volunteering for your rent 

    • Cleaner 1: Mon-Fri: 9am -12pm
    • Cleaner 2: Sat & Sun: 9am-3pm plus a couple of afternoons in the week
    • Catering 1: Mon-Fri: 8am – 11am
    • Catering 2: Sat & Sun: 7am – 3pm plus a morning in the week


  • How Does It Work?

    The Jumpstart London program is a working holiday concierge service for travellers!
    This package will help travellers set up everything they need before arriving in London. You are paying The working Holiday club™ a fee to do the hard yards for you and to make use of our network of trusted partners who offer guarantees for you. 
    Most importantly you are service for 24 months; you will never need jobs or place to stay when you work with us, guaranteed 
    How doest it work?
    • We accept 15-20 new arrivals each week 
    • When you arrive, you will take the spot another who has just left for travel or returned home 
    • When you go travelling your room becomes available to someone else
    • When you return from your travels, you will take the place of another who has left for travel
    • The Jumpstart London™ concierge service will manage this for you, its that simple
    • All you need to do is log into our admin site during your travels to update us on when you need your shift to start again and book another room - repeat for 24 months 
    • No extra fees are ver charged
    • Cheapest house share in central London (for travellers) - £85 per week all bills included 
    • Great ongoing jobs for travel jobs available to use for you for 24 months 
    • £7.50 - £15.00 per hour  (holiday pay on top)
    • up to 70 hours per week available, you can work as much or as little as you need 
    • You can leave the job and keep your room, and the other way round 
    • You can travel when you want and for as long as like 
    • Live and work with 1000's of backpackers from all over the world! Now that's fun
    Why purchase the Jumpstart London Program?
    • The objective of the Jumpstart London program is to get you established in London in the shortest amount of time.
    • That means getting you; into a house as soon as possible so that you can get your UK bank account, so you can start work and be earning pounds…!
    • Immediate cash flow with jobs and room set up before you leave 
    • Bank account opened to get your wages and pay your rent 
    • Security for 24 months 
    Who is this package right for?
    • The Gap Year Student – This pack is perfect for a gap year student or a school leaver with limited or no work experience. Full training is provided with ongoing support to help you enter the workforce and generate work experience for your CV, helping you to edge forward in future career opportunities
    • The Frequent Traveller – This pack is an excellent assistance package for the regular traveller. Frequent travellers often experience cash flow problems after they have returned to London. The Jumpstart London™ package offers the regular traveller 24 months of uninterrupted employment and shared accommodation. You simply cannot go wrong
    • The Cash-Strapped Traveller – This pack is an excellent assistance package for the cash-strapped traveller.  When you join the Jumpstart London™ programme, you have immediate cash flow on arrival and affordable accommodation which you can rent, with only a small deposits to get you started. So if you are arriving with limited funds, use the Jumpstart London™ to ensure you keep your funds for travelling. If you would prefer to have no expenses at all check out the Adventure Resort Pack. 
    • The Career Break – The career break applicant is potentially the largest in the funnel of our applicants, as it is an excellent opportunity to take a break from your ordinary life and experience Europe for as little as £60

    Please note: Wage published for our London have recently updated (April 2, 2017) Outdated wage stats may still appear instore or online. Salaries and regulations change regularly. However, emails you receive from us before to any payments made will always reflect the updated information.

  • Application Process

    • Make an online enquiry 
    • Receive your info pack 
    • Schedule an appointment for a screening interview
    • Pay $300 deposit to secure your spot on the program 
    • Agree on balance payment plan option that best suits you 
    • Complete our online application for your jobs guarantee 
    • Receive a Skype interview
    • On acceptance, you will receive your job guarantee contract for London 
    • On rejection, you will receive a refund (excluding the $300 deposit payment) 
    • Complete arrival booking form to secure your room 
    • Three weeks before your departure date pay your room security deposit
    • Boom! 
  • How Much Money Do I Need?

    Here is a complete cost breakdown for you


    Your Working Visa Cost

    • £245 biometric card
    • £300 two years health cover
    • Payable to Brish High Commission
    • Payable six-eight week before your departure date
    • Proof of fund required £1850 six-eight week before your departure date
    • If you would like us to do your visa for you, our team charges an extra $245 (this is not essential, but recommended)


    Your Flights

    • Budget for $1000 one way ticket
    • Go to Student Flights for layby deal


    Your Jumpstart London Program Cost

    • Total cost $845
    • $300 deposit to secure your spot
    • Pay weekly/monthly instalments for the balance


    Your Pre-Departure Cost  

    • Five nights Hostel average on £11 a night, you will receive our corporate discount code to book hostel at net rate (Generator London)
    • £200 security deposit for your room (fully refundable)


    Your On-Arrival Cost

    • Uniforms for hotel work £60
    • Bedding for your room £20


    About travel insurance

    As part of your, the UK works visa fees payable to the Brish hight Commission you will receive two years full health cover. This cost includes doctors hospitals and dentist including medicine bills.

    We recommend that you take travel insurance to cover you goods, flights and most importantly you should make cancellation insurance policy. Please note, we do not offer refunds for change of plans, make sure you cover yourself in the case of an emergency and you cannot travel. If you have started with us nd you have not been abe travel we will place your program on hold indefinitely.  



  • Changes to UK Banking Policy 2017

    Here is an official email we received from the bank today 
    As of February 2017 these rules apply 
    Documents that we can use as evidence of UK address:
    • UK full/provisional drivers license
    • Utility Bill (Water, gas, electricity or landline)
    • UK Bank statements
    • UK Credit card statements
    • National Insurance number Letter + Employer letter*
    • Council Tax Bill
    • Tenancy agreement issued by a solicitor, housing association, local council or reputable high street estate agent/ letting agent
    • Solicitors Correspondence
    *NIN letter and employer letter must MATCH IN FULL in their recipient name and address or they will not be valid. Furthermore, the employer letter must confirm: The employment start date, The customer is employed by the company issuing the letter, Include the customer’s full name and residential address, Be dated within one calendar month, Be signed by a company representative, Must be on company headed paper.
    Please make sure you let all your customers booked after the 19th of February know about the changes in the bank's policy.

    Personal Banking Advisor - Ealing Branch - Middlessex Group

  • Guarantees & References

    What Guarantees Do You Get When You Sign Up For Our UK Working Holiday Jumpstart London Pack?


    We guarantee:

    • You a job offer before you leave or your money back
    • You a minimum of 30-70 hours a week employment contract or your money back
    • You a 100% refund if you do receive a pre-departure offer 


    Our Glasshouse Policy:

    • We will provide you with all the information about our programme before a fee is payable
    • We will publish in our employer profile page the rate of pay & cost of accommodation so that you know what you are getting
    • We will provide all the details we discussed with you by phone in writing after your consultation call
    • We can refer you to a Flight Centre store anywhere in Austalia and New Zealand for you to purchase our packages in a face-to-face environment if required for extra piece of mind


    Industry References So You Know You're In Safe Hands 


    Whistler Blackcomb Reference:

    We have partnered with TWHC for ten years now. We have worked with a few agencies over the years and now use TWHC exclusively. With honest two-way communication, the team understands our business & consistently delivers top candidates for us to meet. Extremely organised & efficient, our time is always well spent & this has proven to be the most effective way to recruit great people. The team are true professionals & I would recommend them to anyone.


    Silver Star Reference:

    Silver Star have been working with The Working Holiday Club for many years now to assist us with our hiring. It is a challenge for any company to recruit large numbers of employees season after season, however, with the assistance of The Working Holiday Club we can fill these positions with a professional, reliable, engaged employee team. We feel that The Working Holiday Club are industry leaders in recruiting employees within the ski industry. The team at The Working Holiday Club understand the needs of each resort that they partner with, offering an honest service to both employer and employee. I would have no hesitation in recommending The Working Holiday Club as a friendly, welcoming and trustworthy company to work with.


    Flight Centre Group Plc Reference:

    This email is to acknowledge that Flight Centre Travel Group and The Working Holiday Club have been working together for over five years.

    During this time we've found TWHC to be a reliable, ethical, and completely above-board organisation, and furthermore, have a strong business relationship with. We strongly value the partnership between our two institutions and rely heavily on TWHC to provide our customers with an honest, and seamless customer experience.Our relationship extends across all retail brands within the Flight Centre Travel Group, including but not limited to Flight Centre, Student Flights, Escape Travel, and My Adventure Store.


  • Article to Read - How Not To Do It

    Folks, my name is Sam. Here is a little story about my travels and what I did during my first six weeks in London. Take some time, grab a cup of tea, read this story and hopefully, you'll be able to avoid some of the mistakes I made.


    Week 1 – Damage Week


    When I finally made it to London, I was super excited. First, I figured out the London Underground, and then I did a little bit of sightseeing, and finally, I had some drinks with my homies. I spent, I spent, and I spent some more…

    My living experience was interesting, I wanted to sleep on my friends couch because I was a little nervous coming over by myself. Couch surfing was fun and cheap; however, there were consequences. I got very little sleep and went to way too many parties. I ended up spending a lot of my savings joining in on the festivities of my housemates because I was asleep in the lounge. In the end, my experience with couch surfing wasn't the most comfortable. Sure, it was a lot of fun, but it did drain a lot of my funds.


    Week 2 – Recovery Week


    On Monday, my second week in London, everybody had gone back to work, and the party was over. I was left with a dreadfully messy house to clean. This was my contribution to being able to stay free. I suddenly realised that I had spent too much money way in my first week. I remembered going to the bank and seeing my statement and almost going into cardiac arrest!

    After that, I knew I had to click into gear. I was home alone during the day; everyone was working, and it dawned on me that I was unemployed. Unemployed with a hangover! I had to start interviewing again, which I haven't done in such a long time. I found a TNT Magazine under the couch, bought every newspaper that had jobs in it and started seriously looking for work. I wasn’t worried about accommodation at this stage because I was still living for free.


    Week 3 – Realisation Week


    Funny things happened in week three. I had been job hunting for almost two weeks. I must have applied for 100 jobs. I tried to register with recruitment agencies, but as soon as they found out that I didn't have a bank account or my National Insurance Number, I wasn't eligible. I had tried three different banks before I was able to open an account. They kept rejecting me because I couldn't prove that I had a place to live in London!

    I was spending a lot of money on my mobile phone, something I didn't even think about before I left home. My pay-as-you-go phone was running out of credit all the time. Probably most disappointing was the lack of feedback from my job applications. Looking back, the mistake I made was going for jobs that were paying the highest. I was so desperate to recoup the money I had spent. Looking back, I was declining entry-level jobs that were paying minimum wage, and in hindsight, I should have just taken SOMETHING to keep myself afloat.

    By this point, I had begun to look for a room to rent. My biggest setback was my lack of references. The rooms I managed to view were unsuitable for me. They were either too expensive, or the deposit asked was too much because I had no job. The ones I could afford were miles from Central London.


    Week 4, 5, 6 – Action Week


    By my fourth week in London, I started to understand what was needed to get off the ground. I was focused on applying for work, which was reasonably comfortable and would start straight away. I took a waiting position. The hourly rate wasn't very good, about £5.75 an hour, but my tips made up for it, especially over the weekend. I started to feel a lot better, even though I needed to work two weeks in arrears for pay. I finally knew money was coming. My spirits were once again lifted. I managed to find a room through one of my friends, but unfortunately, I had to borrow money from Mom and Dad for my deposit.

    I took a double room because it was the only one I could get. I paid £135 pounds a week for my room. By the time I got my wages, I was putting half off my salary towards rent. It took a while for me to find my feet and have some spare cash. Looking back, I should never have borrowed the money at the beginning of my trip to pay for my room deposits. It took me months to pay my parents back.

    My travel plans were delayed by almost the year. This was later to became the biggest regret of my working holiday. I never travelled enough – I struggled to travel because I struggled with money. In the beginning, I over-spent, and then I over-extended myself with a room that I could not afford.


    What Would I Have Done Differently, If I Could Do It Again?


    I would have arrived in London with a minimum of $5,000. I would have used the Jumpstart London service for sure. I would have opted for cheaper rent and a room share instead of my room. I would have started work straight away. I would have had money to travel!

    There's nothing worse than being that guy or that girl that's never left London. If I were to do it again, I would want to be the other person, the one with all the travelling stories. They're the one that says "No regrets". I now walk around and tell people... "Plan carefully, because some things you just will live to regret".

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is the pay rate? Casual and contract staff pay rates range from £7.52– £8.21 per hour
    • How does my hourly rate compare with other jobs in London? You will receive above the min wage rate, higher than some entry-level reception, retail, pub, call centre/telesales. There are higher paying jobs in London for candidates with the right experience and qualifications, and our team can help you get there! Use this job to get you on your feet, and start earning money quickly. You can also use this job as a backup plan at any time throughout your stay in London.
    • Is there any other job on offer? Yes, but your success in landing another job will depend on your qualifications and experience. With our network of over 70 preferred recruitment agencies, your CV will be in the right hands. If you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of London, we have live-in positions outside of London!
    • Can I select I live? Housing options are always based on availability. Although we will accept preferences for location, room size (shared/single) and house size, these can't be guaranteed.
    • What costs are involved in my staff accommodation? £200 holding the deposit, which is then offset against your final deposit. £15 key deposit. An average shared room is £85 - £100 (per person, per week), while average rent for a single occupancy room is £100+ (per person, per week). Both are fully inclusive of all bills.
    • Can I book with my friend or partner? Yes, we will arrange a shared room for you; a double bed for couples or two singles for friends. We are also able to book larger groups. However, we cannot guarantee the entire group will be in the same house initially
    • Can I leave the job and stay in my shared house? Yes, as long as you pay your weekly rent you are still entitled to remain in your shared house.
    • Where is the accommodation located? West, South West, and East London, between Zones 2-4 (typically 20-30 mins by train to central London) and 5-10 minutes from a public transport link. Our housing is based in 3 main areas of London: South-West London (Putney, Fulham, Tooting Broadway/Tooting Bec & Wimbledon/South Wimbledon), East London (Stratford, Leyton & Leytonstone), West London (Hammersmith & Acton Town)
    • What type of venues can I expect to work at? As part of the Jumpstart program, you will be a member of a dynamic Hospitality, Catering and Events team. This team is used to supporting the events teams in various five-star hotels in central London. These hotels host large scale corporate, charity, celebrity and private events. The majority of hotels are in Zone 1, central London.
    • Do I require any previous hospitality experience? No, you will be given one full days training at a five-star hotel where you will learn everything you need to know to carry out your duties as part of the team!
    • What happens if I do not pass my job application? If you have been declined because of grooming (long hair, visible tattoo’s, facial piercings), then you can still be offered job assistance. However, we cannot provide a pre-departure job guarantee. You will receive a refund.
    • What are my options if I book and cancel due to personal reason? You do not receive a refund. However, you may either place it on hold for up to five years or find a replacement.
    • I would like to book my package with a travel Agent. Please feel free to visit any Flight Centre or Student Flight Store in New Zealand or Australia 



What Am I Paying For?

Why am I paying for somebody to help me to find a job and accommodation overseas? For some, the idea of having to navigate the visa application process, find the right accommodation and securing a reliable job is hard enough. Now add your bucket list of travelling, see an entirely new set problems will present itself. 

  • Find a job that permits me to travel as and when I like (very limited)
  • Find accommodation which permits me to travel as and when I want (in high demand)
  • Find reliable an agency to give me the hours which I need
  • Find a living set up that permits me to pay no rent while travelling (in high demand)
  • Find a job set up so I can book shifts before I get back so I'm not in London without work, ever

In short, you are not paying for a job and accommodation only,  you are paying for the ongoing time, and comment for our team in London make sure you have bed and job for the duration of your travels. Works at to app. $2.00 day to have person concierge service.

What Happens If I Am Not Offered A Position?
If you are not offered a position after your initial interview we will endeavour to set you up for a second interview. If after two unsuccessful attempts to place you within one of our partners we will refund you in full less your deposit.

What Happens If I Can No Longer Travel?
We understand that circumstances can change and sometimes the unexpected can occur. As a result, should you no longer be eligible to travel due to health reasons or say a serious family emergency occurred (death in the family) we will happily refund your programme (less deposit) or leave a full credit on file for you to use within 5 years? We recommend also you add our cancellation policy issuance for $150. Our policy covers you up to $6000

Save up a “Buffer Fund” for when you arrive

One of the best parts of moving abroad to work is that you’re essentially getting paid to travel. However, this doesn’t mean you don’t need to save up before your move. It’s important to save up a “Buffer Fund” to help you out during the first few months. There are always costs involved with moving abroad (rent, bond, food, commute until your first pay arrives) In addition to travel costs. We recommend $5000 in available funds 
Costs In A Snapshot
  • Program Fee: Jumpstart London $895
  • UK Visa Service Fees: $245 * Optional 
  • Youth Mobility Visa Fee: £535
  • Proof of Funds £1890 (approximately $4,500) in your bank account on the date you complete your visa application
  • Flights: $1000
  • Room Security deposit: £200
Make a bucket list and budget 
While everyone has different reasons for wanting to move and work abroad, travel is usually a major one. You’ll be wanting to explore as soon as possible. Planning and budgeting on segments is the best way to avoid leaving everything to the end of your stay and then scrambling to find the time to sightsee.
With our program, you can "reverse budget plan", work out where you want to go and for how long. Once you have established the magic number activate and book you shifts 
Here is a sample plan 
  • Destination: Norway
  • Purpose: See the northern lights 
  • Lenth Of Stay: 5 days
  • Flight: £150
  • Accommodation: £100 
  • Experience: Northern Lights Tour £150, Hop-On Hop-Off Tour £25
  • Spending Money: £300

Budget For This Trip £700

  • £700 divided £8.00 per hours = 100 hours 
  • Average shift length is 8-10 hours 
  • £80-£100 per day 
  • Daily cost of living in London £40 per day (all inclusive) 
  • Saving £50 a day 

You can make this trip budget in 14 and cover the cost of living in London 

Tip: "This plan is not possible for a live-in pub job or nanny jobs, and most likely not possible with a professional job either.  The flexibility you get with our program is priceless"



Can I Just Do It Myself

Yes, you can, simply go online and search for jobs in your destination country. Depending on your preferred destination, you will find thousands of opportunities. If you feel certain that, before departing your home country, you can apply for any for positions, and a guaranteed job contract, get a bank account and ni and secure a room to rent, then you don’t need our help

Renting In London Tips:

  • Do not pay a deposit/bond or any money without viewing a place first.
  • Be sure to read the rental contract in detail – do not feel pressured or rushed.
  • Most contracts are for one year and come with a 6-month break clause, this can be negotiated, but ultimately it is at landlord’s discretion.
  • Request any changes to the property before you sign (e.G. Cleaning, painting, repairs). Make sure any wear and tear or damage are noted in the contract, so you are not held responsible.
  • Let your council know if you are living on your own (single occupier) as you may be eligible for a 25% discount on your council tax.

Once you or your offer has been accepted the deposit will be required, and some administrative fees for paperwork and reference checks. Some references you may be asked to provide include:

  • current employment
  • previous landlord reference
  • character reference
  • bank reference

Acquiring your NI and personal tax code

When you arrive in the UK and take up employment, you need to obtain a so-called national insurance number first. The ni number is mostly used for purposes concerning social security in the UK. It also indicates if you are gainfully employed or a self-employed person. If you are an employee and have never worked in the UK before, your new company’s hr department should give you a form to fill in. This will contain information essential for paying taxes in the UK (for example to work out the personal allowance you are entitled to). With the help of this information, your employer — or their tax consultant — can assign you a personal tax code.

Opening an account without a UK address

Please remember that even though the process of opening a bank account has been simplified opening a statement without any proof of address in the UK can be quite difficult. Luckily, some banks are offering services specifically suited for newly arrived expats. One such service is the HSBC basic account which only requires some form of identification and proof of an EU address. If this is not the bank of your choice, don’t forget that passports, birth certificates, or national insurance cards do not count as proof of address. Instead, try to submit one of the following:

  • recent utility bill (less than three months old)
  • council tax bills
  • recent bank or credit card statements (less than three months old; not printed off the internet)
  • tenancy agreement or mortgage statement
  • UK medical card, NHS card, or UK driver’s license
  • motor or home insurances certificates 

Placement Guarantees 

Through our extensive partnerships with reputable employers across London, we can offer the job guarantee service.
  • Our partners provide us with the exact number of positions to fill each season 
  • Our partners will interview you before you leave your home country 
  • Our partners provide you with your formal job contracts, hr documents, start dates, rate of pay and the position you were accepted for months before your departure date 
  • Unlike our competitors in the industry, we do not take applications and then proceed to find suitable employment – we already have the job you're looking for. 

Alumni References 

The best program is the one that’s best for you. In other words, what might be the best, perfect fit for someone else might not have anything to do with your interests. Just like you shouldn’t choose a college by ranking alone, you shouldn’t choose a program by prestige or reviews alone.
When you’re looking for the best gap year programs, check out the reviews online, but also ask the organization for the contact info of alumni’s that you can talk to. When surfing for reviews keep in mind, these are based on an individuals experiences, likes or di not like, is perspective, not a fact.  
Always ask for more info about a review if it concerns you.
  • We have over 7000 travel agents who have been working with us since 2010. 
  • You can also visit and Student Flights or Flight Centre and request the agents refer you to us; you will have an extra level of support this way
  • Visit our Facebook for real reviews 
  • We do not pay applicant to make reviews so you will not see a page of fake reviews on our site, we don't trust companies which it to use, we will not do it to you
Flight Centre Reference
This email is to acknowledge that flight centre travel group and the working holiday club have been working together for over five years. During this time we've found TWHC to be a solid, ethical, and completely above-board organization, and furthermore have a strong business relationship with. We strongly value the partnership between our two organizations and rely heavily on TWHC to provide our customers with an honest, and seamless customer experience.Our relationship extends to all retail brands within the flight centre travel group, including but not limited to flight centre, student flights, escape travel and my adventure store. "Phil Handcock"
Whistler Blackcomb reference
We have partnered with TWHC for ten years now. We have worked with a few agencies over the years and now use  TWHC exclusively. With honest two-way communication, the team understands our business & consistently delivers top candidates for us to meet. Extremely organised & efficient, our time is always well spent & this has proven to be the most effective way to recruit great people. The team are true professionals & I would recommend them to anyone.
Visit the site https://jobs.vailresortscareers.com/whistler/content/Whistler-Blackcomb-Hiring-Events/?locale=en_US

Organizational partnerships 

While some fantastic programs have no partner organizations or run their facilities, most of the best gap year programs are partnered with or work with other respected organizations. We have an A-list of partners such as Flight Centre, Whistler Blackcomb, and Hilton, all which can be located on our site

Compared to other companies 

Price: We are the most competitive with the longest ongoing support offer. We are the only agency with no ongoing job placement fee’s, check this before signing up with others. 
Flexibility: We offer the most flexible programs with no long-term contracts, unlike our competitors offering pub jobs and au-pair jobs
Travel-friendly: Our programs are engineered for travellers by providing the best paying jobs with the cheapest possible rents in London. Jobs and accommodation contracts have min commitment period of only two weeks only, unlike our competitors who lock you in for up to 6 months   
Expert Advice: Don’t always go with the cheapest cost of living “on paper”, what you win on the swings you lose on the roundabout. For example, taking a live-in pub job purely based on the low start-up is a false economy. Income is low, comment period long and you are living in a small bubble with limited to no travel in your first 6 months. Working and living with workmates is one thing, living with your boss is quite another. Living where you work means “on duty” 24/7.  Accommodation can be tricky with some pub bunking staff, four to a room. 
Jobs with long commitment periods consume your work visa. You could be better off travelling the world and volunteering for your rent and food instead.  
"To get the work - travel balance just right, work in short burst to boost funds quickly. A placement which gives you control over your hours and weekly income is better than a placement with fixed hours on min wage"
Top feature to look out for in a working holiday program: Shift Activation And Pause feature, this means you work and when it’s time to travel you pause. When funds are run out, you activate and work immediately post travelling.  Placements offering this feature to work and accommodation is gold. Our Jumpstart London Program includes these cool work and travel arrangements  


What is the responsibility of the Working Holiday Service Provider? 

What is the responsibility of the Working Holiday Service Provider? 
Companies who provide working holiday services which include jobs and accommodation must screen and vet affiliates and applicants to ensure a safe and suitable match are made.
Working Holiday Service Provider must; 
  • Vet all locations where accommodation is included 
  • Ensure all job and housing placements are guaranteed and confirmed pre-departure 
  • Be specific and transparent about rates, cost and terms 
  • Do things faster and cheaper than going it alone 
  • Services offered must enhance the working holiday experience and support the working holidaymaker 
  • All affiliates must be aware transient working holidaymaker are arriving on their program. The travellers must not be forced into jobs which prohibits frequent travel. The service provider is responsible for the selection of affricates who accept working holidaymakers 
  • Program provider and affiliates must be jointly concerned for the traveller’s well-being
  • Place the traveller in the same location and job which was agreed on before accepting a payment 
Working Holiday Service Provider must not; 
  • Make a promise about placements, locations, or jobs which are not achievable
  • Force an applicant to pay money to receive information on working holiday placements, locations, or jobs and pay rates
  • Offer commission based jobs 


The Jumpstart London is great for;

  • Work Experience for School Leavers
  • Flexible work arrangments for travellers
  • Gap Year work experience
  • "Foor in the door." Hospitality and Tourist Internships
  • Boosting My funds for travel

How does the Jumpstart London assist with travel

  • Work less and travel more with these cool features;.
  • Compressed working hours allow you to work your total number of agreed hours over a shorter amount of working days. Travellers often find this suits them, as the 24-hour life of a hotel means they can cover a lot of hours in one go, and travel more than someone with a fixed hour jobs
  • Flexi-time; means you can vary your starting and finishing times each day. Employers give workers a choice of perhaps three-time slots, for example, 8am-4pm, 9am-5pm or 10am-6pm. Although with the range of different operating hours within hotels, bars, pubs and restaurants, this will vary wildly from company to company.
  • Shift working is necessary for any hospitality business that needs staff outside of the general 9-5 shift. Traditionally, working changes are very structured, but there are opportunities to work part-time in shifts of anything from four to eight hours.
  • Self-rostering gives team members more control over their work times. Management will set the number of staff and the skill mix required during each working day. Travellers get to plan trip and roster appropriately
  • Not 9-5 If you’re the sort of person who likes getting up at the same time in the morning, having the same breakfast, putting on a suit and tie, and then catching the same train into the same office, day after day after day, then hospitality probably isn’t for you. It involves a great deal of variety, not only regarding the hours you work but also the work you do during those hours
  • Great perks If you work in an office then the perks probably don’t go much further than a dismal Christmas party with cheap drinks, terrible music and everyone looking a bit awkward. In hospitality things are different. After all, we’re here to help our customers have fun, so we can also make sure we share some of that fun with each other in the form of employee perks. Rubbing shoulders with celebrities and gourmet meals are just some of the perks those in hotel jobs could enjoy.

How does our Jumpstart London app work

  • We have over 52,000 pubs, bars and nightclubs on our app
  • Create profile and include top type
  • Pick live in or live out
  • App will match and send daily alerts for vacancies 


Our programme can include an example, a mixture of:

  • Advice and help to obtain your IK Working Holiday Visa
  • Tailoring your CV’s for UK employers
  • Preparing covering letters for UK job employers
  • Interview practice
  • Support to attend interviews in the UK for career jobs
  • Brokering of interviews for pre-departure job placements
  • Obtaining a pre-departure Work Placement in London
  • Obtaining Gap Year job placements for the duration of your stay in the UK
  • Obtaining Summer Jobs Placements
  • Obtaining Winter Job Placements
  • Obtaining suitable Working Holiday Accommodation
  •  Obtaining Jobs with Free accommodation
  • Obtaining Cantal London Accommodation with meals
  • Offering Work Experience job for school leaver
  • Obtaining Flexible working for frequent travellers
  • Obtaining Entry-level Graduate jobs
  • Access to 1000’s Paid volunteering Opportunities around the world
  • Obtaining Bank accounts
  • National Insurance Number activation
  • Travel Insurance
  • Active Jobs Listings in a closed group
  • Discounted Festival Packages
  • Access Au Pair Jobs
  • Access European Jobs with free rent and food
  •  Summer Jobs around the world

Our programmes employment include for example

  • Waiters
  • Room Service
  • Clock room
  • Porters
  • Chefs
  • Bar work
  • Barista
  • FOH Staff
  • Barback staff
  • Cleaners
  • Care workers
  • Construction
  • Event promotions
  • Office admin
  • Sports Stadiums
  • Warehouse work
  • Retail
  • Stockroom staff
  • Manual Handling - Furniture moving, hanging TV's, lifting and shifting etc
  • Event set up
  • 5-star Hospitality bar and waiting staff



If travelling internationally is your dream, but you don’t necessarily have the funds to do so, pursuing work at a resort abroad, in the country of your choice, can allow you to travel with the bonus of an income. The resort hotel industry employs part-time or seasonal and full-time staff. Working in this sector requires scheduled shift work, as most hotel and resorts are open 24 hours a day. This means that if you want to work in this industry, you will need to be comfortable with working at any time of the night or day in shifts which can range from 8 to 12 hours, and sometimes longer during peak travel seasons. You will need to be willing to work on short notice, as you might be called in to cover a shift, or in the case of an emergency. You should also be adept at working in high-pressure situations, dealing with any stressful scenarios that arise.
Although your working hours can be lengthy, resort employees get to work in some of the best locations around the world.


  • 45 Park Lane
  • The Academy
  • Adria Boutique Hotel
  • The Ampersand Hotel
  • Andrew Brownsword Hotels
  • Annabel's At 46 Berkeley Square
  • Arena Racing Company
  • Beamish Hall Country House Hotel
  • Belmond
  • The Belsfield Hotel
  • Best Western Garfield House Hotel
  • Blythswood Square
  • Boisdale
  • Browns
  • Bulgari Hotel London
  • The Cairn Hotel Group
  • Carden Park
  • The Castle Green Hotel
  • Cedar Court Hotels
  • Coast To Coast
  • Comfort Inn Kings Cross
  • The Continental Hotel
  • Copthorne Tara Hotel London Kensington
  • Corinthia Hotel London
  • Corus - Head Office
  • Corus Hotel Hyde Park
  • Coworth Park
  • The Curtain Hotel And Members Club
  • Hand Picked Hotels
  • Hotel Café Royal
  • The London Greenwich Hotel
  • Millennium Hotels And Resorts
  • Nobu Hotel Shoreditch
  • One Hyde Park Ltd
  • Park Plaza Westminster Bridge
  • The Park Tower Hotel Knightsbridge
  • Rosewood London
  • Sheraton Grand London Park Lane

Wages. Fortunately, international resort jobs can introduce you to some of the most beautiful places in the world; however, be aware that often you may only make enough money to live on. Wages for resort jobs abroad are typically around minimum wage, but keep in mind that your income can vary dramatically from nation to nation. Also, higher salaries can usually be secured by those with relevant hospitality work experience.

Accommodation. Depending on the type of resort you work at, you may or may not be offered accommodations as part of your salary package. In general, expect remote resorts, such as the ones located in mountain wilderness and hard-to-get-to beach locations, like small islands, to offer employees housing, due to the difficulty of commuting or finding available housing options. However, many popular resorts do not provide accommodations for their staff, but instead, provide tips as to where to find affordable housing.
Remember that there are often unseen benefits of international resort jobs, such as discounted or free passes to ski slopes, discounts on surfing lessons or boat rentals, and reduced cost meals at resort restaurants.

To live in or not to live in

  • Is it right for your situation?
  • The first thing to consider is the accommodation itself. Does it suit all your needs?
  • The downside: Do you have a family that would come with you and if so, is there enough room, and is this OK with your new employer? They may not want to live above a busy pub or bar. If children are involved, it's worth investigating whether it's an appropriate place for them to live. For example, does the pub/bar/restaurant open late and is it noisy? Is there live music on certain nights, for instance?
  • The upside: If you'll be living alone, it's a great option, as there will be plenty to do and the environment gives you an automatic opportunity to meet new people and get involved with the local community.
  • Clocking off
  • The downside: In any job, if you're going into a senior position, you'll probably be responsible for closing and opening the venue, but it usually falls on the person living there to deal with these responsibilities more than anyone else. Early-morning deliveries will most likely be down to you to save on paying another member of staff to be there earlier than necessary.
  • The upside: Deliveries only usually happen only once a week and considering the place may not open until around 11 am, one early morning is better than many have it! There will be no rushing for the bus in the morning, just roll out of bed and straight into work. At the end of your shift, there's no travelling either, which works out well on a cold February night when trudging through the snow at midnight doesn't seem much fun.
  • Home sweet work
  • The downside: It’s essential to establish a difference between your home and your work, to maintain a healthy work-life balance, which can be somewhat tricky. In some cases, the kitchen for the venue can be within the manager’s flat, which means you may have a chef or kitchen staff in there a lot.
  • Another issue that may crop up is that some flats don’t have a kitchen and the main kitchen for the venue is the only place for you to cook. Some managers choose to keep their doors open, so staff can use it as a break area. It's your choice how open you have your accommodation, but if you like it a certain way it's best to check what's expected before hiring the moving van.
  • The upside: If you're a sociable person looking to make new friends, this could be the perfect place. You can have people back to yours as well after a night out so they can spend more at your venue without the worry of driving home!
  • The finances
  • The downside: The flat, however, will be seen as a taxable benefit if there's no rent — just as a company car would be — and this will be reflected in your wages. It's important to understand this and calculate how much will be deducted from your pay. Otherwise, you may get a nasty shock at the end of the month.
  • The upside: As with most jobs with accommodation, it comes as part of the job offer, so there's usually no rent to pay. This can mean saving a lot of money, which is always a good thing! You'll also save on travel.
  • There's also the option to make money from the place as well. If you have a spare room/rooms, you could rent out space. This will usually be to the staff, who can then be paid less for shifts - a great way to keep the wage percentage down.
  • The accommodation of the workplace will be your home — hopefully for some time — and you should look at it as you would view any other new home. Living in can be great, but it 's a significant change, as with any move, and should be considered carefully before you make your decision.

Other live in jobs downsides are

  • Lock in periods restricts travel 
  • No control over income set wages and hours 
  • Usually isolated locations 
  • Highly unlikely to get a live-in pub job in London 
  • Tips bump up wages  is a myth, if anything you might get a few drinks 
  • Pub cam often have an old man vibe, not the best location for young girl on her own



Life on a budget

  • Make a budget – and stick to it
  • Seems obvious, doesn’t it? Sit down with your trusty calculator and start planning your finances.
  • The best way to budget is to see how much money you have until next payday. Then deduct any outgoings or charges (including that wild night out for your mate’s birthday) and divide what's left by the number of weeks you have to go.
  • If you get paid midweek, count it as a whole one – this way you'll have some extra money to play with should you overspend during one of the other weeks.
  • You can now do this again for next month. Follow your spending as you go and if you forget easily, store the amount in your phone or in a diary and deduct each amount as you go along.
  • If you end up underspending, try to save the extra money elsewhere or use it if you need a buffer in a particularly expensive week. But remember, be honest with yourself – you’re going to be the only one that’ll get ripped off.
  • Budget revolution
  • Use your temporary lack of funds as the perfect excuse to create healthy habits and ditch the old expensive ones (at least temporarily).
  • Now is the perfect time to quit smoking and/or drinking. Quite apart from being physically harmful, they also depress your wallet even further. Go on a health kick and give your finances a chance to recover along with your lungs and liver.
  • Keep it cheap – or free!
  • You can find a world of suggestions for cheap days/nights out by running a simple search on the internet. You’ll be amazed at how much there is on offer.
  • Companies are always falling over themselves to offer their services at a special rate to tempt you in. For example, gym memberships. Get in while you can, but beware that the cost will eventually go back up if it’s something you’d like to continue on a regular basis throughout the year.
  • You could also try one of these ideas:
  • A lot of cinemas now offer unlimited viewing at a low monthly cost – great value for money if you’re a movie buff.
  • Look in your local paper for galleries and museums that offer free exhibitions and go and get some culture.
  • Get a group of friends together and hold theme nights. You could do film nights or board game tournaments – the only limit is your imagination. Cost? As long as you're only gambling for tortilla chips, your bank account should be safe.
  • Do it together
  • Talk to your friends about sticking to a budget together. If you’re the competitive type, challenge each other to see who does the best at not overspending!
  • In hospitality, you’re well known for your strong work ethic and deserve every minute of downtime you get so, however you choose to spend your free time, these tips will help you do it without breaking the bank.


We would love to hear from you. 

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    • No address no bank account
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  • Tier 5 - 2 year work visa

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    • Confused about the application process
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  • London Shared House

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    • Shared House London
    • Zone 2-4 locations
    • Rent - £85-£100 p/w
    • Twin share option

    Save on

    • Rent
    • Deposits
    • Time

We would love to hear from you. 

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