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Jessica Spry - Lake Louise 2013/14

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Emily Gousmett - How I got to Canda

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Ellen Marquet Gap Year: London Jumpstart, undertaken from March 2012 – March 2013.


What made you decide to take a gap year? 
I didn’t feel ready for Uni at this stage in my life and I was still figuring out what exactly I wanted to do. I talked to my careers adviser at school who recommended a gap year and I thought now would be a perfect time to fulfil a lifelong goal of wanting to go to England.

What option did you take and why?
Before my gap year I wouldn’t exactly call myself well travelled so I chose to go with a company, The Working Holiday Club, who organised accommodation, a job and all those small annoying things like National Insurance number, bank account etc. I chose to base myself in London as it’s the doorway to Europe and I’ve had a lifelong fascination with it. I knew it was the type of city I could build dreams in.

What was the highlight of your gap year?
It’s so difficult to pinpoint one bit... I’m not sure I can. The friends I’ve made are something I will treasure for the rest of my life.  I’m spending another (European) summer backpacking around with one of the friends I made in England. But in terms of an actual experience I’d say any of the days I had simply just wandering, having no objective, no mission in life but to simply enjoy it. It was then I could truly step back and appreciate what I had and the beauty within everything. A gap year taught me independence and confidence and is easily the best decision I ever made.

Laura Olds - Gap Year: USA Powder pack – Two time gappie:


What made you decide to take a gap year? 
I was heading into my third year at University and thought I would take advantage of the three/four month summer break we get, to work, travel and meet new people in an exciting new environment. Also, I had never really had a proper trip to the snow and the thought of mastering skiing and snowboarding really appealed to me.

What option did you take and why?
I chose The Working Holiday Club’s USA powder pack.  I had been thinking about doing a working holiday in the snow for quite some time and had researched and looked into it quite intensively.  I went to information nights for various working holiday providers, but none of them really offered the preparation and flexibility I wanted.  I had heard of The Working Holiday Club through friends and decided to give them a call. Originally, my friends and I had been looking at Canada but the boys at The Working Holiday Club convinced us that America was the place to go and would offer me more flexibility in regards to our time limit due to Uni.  They were so informative and helpful and I really liked that they helped organise a secure job placement before I went over there. 

What was the highlight of your gap year?
The whole experience was a highlight, I loved every minute! I would have to say the days we spent up the mountain learning to snowboard and becoming part of the Sierra-at-Tahoe community was definitely something I will never forget.

Belinda Scott - Gap Year: Canada Powder Pack – Two time gappie:

What made you decide to take a gap year?
Ever since I was in high school I’ve wanted to work in a Canadian ski resort.  I’ve always wanted to travel and when the opportunity came knocking, I dove straight in. It’s a great way to start your life experience and you meet a ton of people from all over the world.
What option did you take and why?
I went with The Working Holiday Club, they have a range of packages to suit what you need help with or where you want to go, I did my research and found that The Working Holiday Club was the best option, the reviews were great, the packages were what I was looking for in a working holiday and the destination options were wonderful. They help you along the way, they answer any questions or worries you may have and are super friendly.  They definitely know what they’re doing and you feel very safe organising your working holiday with them.
What was the highlight of your gap year?
Definitely meeting people from all over the world, the lifetime memories and the work was great. Everyone is there for the same or a similar reason and you get along with everyone you meet, the opportunity to live and work overseas is an amazing option you can take while you’re still young.  I would definitely do it again, best decision I’ve made so far. 

Accommodation in London - Jess Thompson

Deciding to move to London was one of the most exciting things I decided to do, and I was ready to do it all on my own. I had previously looked at The Working Holiday Club and what they had to offer in terms of accommodation in London but decided that I would do it my own way. What I didn't realise was how difficult it was going to be for me to get a flat/room/share house. I was living out of hostels/sleeping on couches for over six weeks whilst trying to get somewhere. I had looked at over eight different types of room shares before I found one that would suit what I needed. I thought it would be straight forward from there, but I had put down £200 just to secure the room so the landlord would take it off the market. I had to put down a deposit, plus up front rent for four weeks, so in total before I had even moved in it was going to cost me almost £1500.
Then on top of that I had to sign a minimum six month contract, which wasn't ideal because I only had a temporary job and wasn't sure if in two months time my job would still be there.

It was at this point (after I had already put down the deposit) that I backed out of the house because it just wasn't going to work for me, so not only was I still without a home, but I had also lost of lot of money. I kept on searching for places on websites such as gumtree.com, only a few days after I got a reply about a fantastic room in central London for the cheapest rent I'd seen and thought that things were finally heading in the right direction for me.
After back and forth emails with the 'landlord' and almost filling out a tenancy agreement that they had sent me did I realise that it was a massive scam, where I would have lost a lot of money and who knows what else.

This was the last straw and I ended up contacting the friendly staff at WHC who were more than happy to help me get a place on track with minimal hassle and I didn't have to worry about anyone scamming me and causing issues. Jess Thompson. May, 2013.



Amber & Kayla Houlihan, VIC – Australia.

My sister and I signed up with TWHC VISA and accommodation service three months before leaving for the UK. We are loving life in London and wouldn't be where we are without their help.

By having TWHC guarantee our VISA, it meant that we didn't have to stress about the complicated forms, time constraints and possibility of having our VISA denied. Nick Yock was always available for questions and we received our VISA's within 2 weeks of sending off our passports.

Upon arrival in London we met with Andrew Stewart who set us up with a bank account, explained to us how the Oyster cards worked, which SIM card provided the best value and which pubs had the cheapest drinks! It was great to know we had someone who could answer these sorts of questions. Plus, we are still asking questions two months on!

The accommodation service consisted of availabilities in Zone 3 in West, South-West & East London. We were more interested in Zone 2 so Andrew had a share house that found us a house in less than 2 weeks. This resulted in staying at the hostel longer than expected which meant we made a lot more friends!

Although I didn't sign up for the guaranteed job service, Andrew forwarded my resume to a recruitment agency that found me a job in finance at The British Museum that very day! On top of this initial service, the Facebook group that Andrew runs updates us on TWHC events that are held each week - A great way to make friends with other people in the same situation.

Overall I have been very impressed with TWHC and would recommend it to anyone I know coming over here –

Tania Synak, Queensland – Australia

“My overseas adventure was set up for me and I had contacts to assist in the relocation to London. Contacts, assistance and advice to know I was on the right track are priceless. I also liked that it had a job and accommodation. I also chose it as I had heard good reviews about the company. As soon as I started enquiring, there was always someone to answer my questions and this made me feel very comfortable in my choice. The package sold itself.” 

Tamara Pinto, Auckland – New Zealand

"Moving to London, one of the biggest cities in the world, all by yourself can be extremely daunting – even to the most organised of us. There are lots of practical matters particularly visas, accommodation and jobs that you need to consider and while you would much rather spend time exploring this vibrant city or planning your next foray into Europe than getting settled in, these things just need to be done.

This is where the Working Holiday Club comes in – they do EVERYTHING!! My bank account was set up on my second day here, I’d moved into a great shared house within the week and got job in accounting by the third week – and I could not have done it without the WHC (I actually really couldn’t have – just getting a bank account is a painful process on your own).

From my very initial enquiry through their website to orientation in my first week in London they have been the most helpful, organised and friendly team of people I have dealt with. If you are looking for a new adventure and are considering a working holiday I cannot recommend the Working Holiday Club enough!! Thanks WHC” 

Lauren Kirkby

'Hey Guys, Check out my blog if you want to see what life on Canada is really like with The Working Holiday Club'


James Daniel - Whistler Blackcomb 2012/13


James Daniel
: 22
Gap Year: Canada Powder Pack – 10 month gap year, starting July 2012.

Upon graduation from the University of Technology, Sydney in 2012, James departed for his ten month gap year.

What made you decide to take a gap year? 
I always wanted to travel after finishing my degree. A trip to Canada in 2011 for one month of skiing around British Columbia provoked this. I fell in love with the country and decided I was going to move to Whistler for a winter season upon graduating. I graduated at the end of June and 2 weeks later was on a plane to London.

What option did you take and why?
I backpacked around the UK and Europe for 3 months with one or two mates then after a stint in Vancouver, Portland and San Fran, I moved up to Whistler to begin the winter season as a Lift operator.  My job, visa, accommodation, lift pass, pretty much everything, was organised through The Working Holiday Club.  They made the process so easy, even arranging an interview with Whistler Blackcomb for me in my home city, Sydney.  They saved me a lot of hassle and gave me a great sense of security knowing I was heading to Canada with a job and accommodation already sorted.  Many people I met in Vancouver we're racing up to Whistler to look for both and did not have much luck.

What was the highlight of your gap year?
So many unreal moments:
Sitting courtside at the London Olympics watching the USA Basketball team play; attending Sziget music festival in Budapest and Coachella in Nevada; walking the battlefields of Gallipoli and the Western Front; downing steins at Oktoberfest in Munich; attending NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA games (a childhood dream) including Game 5 of the Playoffs at Madison Square Garden; partying in Ios and Ibiza; hunting for Loch Ness in Scotland; camping in Joshua Tree National Park and bungee jumping in Canada.

But its hard to beat snowboarding everyday for 6 months in North America's best ski resort, Whistler Blackcomb!

Also, I've got to say the people I met and the friendships formed definitely made the trip for me.  My trip wouldn't have been anywhere near as good had it not been for all the incredible people I met on my travels, from the time I got off the plane in London till I flew home from JFK Airport, NYC, after 10 months of living and loving life in a suitcase.

'Luckily for me I had a mate working for Student Flights. A few quick emails and the wheels were in motion. In our discussions he mentioned a company I may be interested in getting in touch with – The Working Holiday Club. I had never heard of them and really didn’t want to know about somebody that was going to take my money to plan a trip I knew I could do myself. How wrong I was!

Reluctantly, I inquired within, and the result was one I could not be happier with. The Working Holiday Club set me up with face to face interviews with Whistler-Blackcomb resort (in my home city!), a job, staff accommodation,  discounts on food, retail and rentals, oh and the big one…a season lift pass - on the house! The staff were legendary – even bringing forward my initial over-the-phone interview so I could shoot off to Bali for Christmas.'

I would love you to follow my blog and get an insight into what an authentic working holiday experience is like with The Working Holiday Club!

Michael Stokes - Whistler Blackcomb

Season 2012/2013

With just under a week to go I wish The Working Holiday Club ( TWHC) also included a packing service. But let me take you back to how I got involved with TWHC to start with. About two years ago i started looking at the idea of going to work a ski season in Canada my dream was of course to go live it up in whistler, however life got in the way and i got sidetracked from my dream however i decided that year was the year the i was start my exciting adventure of a lifetime and this is where the working holiday club came into action, soon after i made contact with there agents i was sent all the information one would ever need to take the first steps of planning my adventure.

TWHC introduced me to one of there most popular working holidays “ The Powder Pack” it was like they new exactly what i wanted to do, I had a look over the information and then shortly after started the application process. As I already mention the dream was to go to Whistler, and so that is exactly where i ended up after a face to face interview and a couple of emails, i got accepted for the position of life operator in the most prestigious resort on the mountain.

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Leena Paasialho and Aino Tuovinen - Whistler Blackcomb

Season 2012/2013

Hey all. I'm Aino. 9 months ago my desire to explore the world grew too big. I had to do something. It took me about 48 hours to decide what to do and where to go. Somewhere far, FAR away where I've never been but always wanted to go. Canada. It just felt right. And it still does. A place where I can do something I've never done before. ... it's about time for me to learn how to snowboard!

I decided to go with The Working Holiday Club's Powder Package. During the long and at times frustrating (paper work, paper work, paper work...) process I received a lot of info and help from Andy at the UK office. In July I flew to Copenhagen and was interviewed for a position at Whistler Blackcomb ski resort. In August I was offered a job as a capp bar worker on top of the Whistler mountain! GREAT news! ...eh?! After that the time has been flying. Only two days of work left in Finland. The last week is going to be packed with packing and saying goodbyes. O Canada! See you soon mate. xx the girl who's looking forward to Tim Hortons donuts

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Rachel Stephan and Kylie Sorohan - Ski Silver Start Resort

Season 2012/2013

So how did we get to this point without ripping our hair out, remaining a solid couple, not loosing all our money to a Nigerian lottery and remaining completely sane (well not going any more insane than we already are)?

We went to a few local travel agents and found out about the Travel Expo in Brisbane. Thousands of brochures, a few environmentally friendly bags and some bumper stickers later we came across a stall with a big and bright personality that equally match's Kylie's and my own. It felt like our searching was over... (she even had a shuffle off with Ky, this was rather impressive)

Her name is Julia Dahl and she works for The Working Holiday Club.

After stealing her attention for over half an hour and a few gestures and comments of the "sister hood" or as uncle Greg would say "the cult" we knew that we wanted to pursue our travels with a company that could help us and most importantly are like us. They have helped us with absolutely everything and most importantly we already made one friend before the serious stuff had even occurred.

So... Canada was decided and we handed over the keys of responsibility to Julia (priceless). We enrolled ourselves in the Powder Pack and the rest is History. Visa sorted, Insurance Sorted, Accommodation sorted, Job acquired, new undies... still yet to be sorted...

Yesterday was my last day of work in Australia and Kylie and I are on our way to a secure job, accommodation, and join a few new friends we have met along the way through the pre-depature parties and social networking forums with The Working Holiday Club. These past few months have flown by and I wouldn't change how we've done this for anything, well a million dollars would come in handy so please feel free to donate... 

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Vibe Mikkelsen- WHISTLER

Season 2012/2013

...This is my dream. And I honestly don't think that I could have done it without the Working Holiday Club.
I've never experinced people go beyond really good customer service to make sure that my dream was is safe hands. But now I have!
I would recommend going with the Working Holiday Club to anyone asking for my advice. Simply because I could not have felt in more safe hands than with the Working Holiday Club.

From emails, to visa applications, to doubts to job interviews - the Working Holiday Club was there, constantly making sure I was prepared.
Basically all I had to do was check my email, show up to my interview and try to not get cramps in my cheeks from smiling so much. 

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Sarah Affleck - Silver Star

Season 2012/213

So the first step was taken- I had decided to do a working holiday and chosen the mountain I wanted to work on. From here the next step was a phone interview with Julia from The Working Holiday Club. This interview was aimed at testing my interview skills and recommending me for a specific job. It was nerve racking. I’m always nervous before an interview and doing it over the phone seemed to make it more daunting. Julia was great. I got some tips on my interview technique got recommended for a job that I’ve never done before but would love to try and learnt a bit more about what I was getting into.

Next step- visa application a lengthy but reasonably straightforward process requiring passport photos, police and traffic checks and a few trips to the post office.

It was about a month after I sent off my visa application that it returned in the mail. Flooded with excitement I opened the letter expecting to find permission to work in Canada. Instead my entire application had been returned to me – I had missed one of two traffic history forms. My first thought was – “EEEK now I’ll never have my visa in time for my interview”

I headed straight for the police station, got the other form and had the application back in the post within 3 hours. With a little reassurance from Julia I sat back to see if I would get my visa before my interview. Two weeks later and one week before my interview I got an email with my letter of introduction to work in Canada. Freak-out over, I was ready to face my interview.

I was early of course so I sat back to wait with other working holiday hopefuls who shared their nerves and stories of where and what they wanted to do. I was called into my interview by Alison and relaxed a little when I noticed how easy it was to talk to her. Then she asked me ‘if you could have any talent what would it be?’ and my mind said, ‘Come again?’

I think I gave her a blank look while my thoughts went into overdrive and I tried to think about what skill I would love to have. I decided I’d love to be able to sing. I’m not sure if this is true but it was the first thing to pop into my head so maybe deep down it is. I left the interview with a smile from Julia and some relief in my system. Now it was time to wait and see if Silver Star and I would be seeing each other for Christmas.

It was late June and I was getting ready to head off on a holiday to Thailand the very day that an email from Alison arrived to welcome me to the team. I guess you could say I left for Thailand with something to celebrate!

The next couple of months were spent organising my flights, accommodation and the powder express bus to take me up to Silver Star.

Trouble Packing? - Drawn by Sarah Affleck

I was contemplating what date to arrive in Vancouver, how long to spend there and then how soon before my start date I should arrive at Silverstar. I asked both Jake and Julia who both had helpful but opposing opinions. At a loss for a decision I headed to The Working Holiday Club forum, which then lead me to the Silver Star and Big White Facebook group.

I joined the group and put forward my dilemma. So many people had ideas and tips for me and I found the decision easy to make. Since then I’ve stayed up to date with everyone heading to Canada this season and started learning about all the amazing people I will soon meet. I’m starting to get jealous of all the people who have already left for their trip.
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Paula Mullan-Whistler Blackcomb

Season 2012/2013

While browsing the internet at lunch time at my boring 9-5, I came across The Holiday Working Club, one look at their website (http://www.theworkingholidayclub.com) told me everything I needed to know. There was only one question, where do I sign up?

I think I was one of the 1st onto the UK waiting list, and my IEC (International Experience Canada) visa application was signed, sealed and delivered at the 1st opportunity. Don’t get me wrong, there were aspects that scared the life out of me, (and to an extent still do!)

1-Going by myself, half-way across the world.

2-Leaving my family, friends and boyfriend of 6 years behind.

3-Suriving -30 temperatures, I know Ireland is cold, but to use a common Belfast phrase 'That is Baltic!'

I was soon reassured by Andy at The Working Holiday Club (thanks Andy) that this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, that I would make lifelong friends and it would all be worth it. So that was it, my money was paid, I had signed the dotted line and I was going…

Looking back on it, the application process seems so long ago. It started in February and by August I had my job offer and flights booked. I had so much support from Andy along the way, even when things got a bit difficult and my visa application was rejected TWICE by the Canadian government, he kept me calm and his wealth of knowledge meant it was all sorted out pronto!

After my interview in Dublin with the representatives from Whistler Blackcomb Resort in British Colombia, Canada, I knew I had made the right decision. The people were so friendly and made me feel comfortable right away.
Initially I was interviewing for a retail position, but after realising that not only had I kissed the Blarney stone, I may as well have snogged the life out of itm they decided I was suited to a different role. Apparently with my talking skills I was 'wasted in retail' and was given the position of Guest Relations Host.

Now all that is left to do is wait until the 24th October and then I'm off! Excitement has well and truly set in, my endless lists of 'things to do before Canada' have been reduced to 'Pack' and 'say goodbye'!

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Mike Norsa - Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

Season 2012/2013

After weighing up every option possible I concluded a working holiday would meet and potentially exceed all my expectations. The research revealed that in my particular situation with uni time restrictions, finding a position on my own would be near impossible. I got in touch with some great people from The Working Holiday Club which seemed to have it all worked out. I got set up with an interview for a sweet job and was assisted in all other aspects of planning the trip.

The final destination has worked out to be Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. I'm happy it went down this way, as now I've managed to secure a position at a huge mountain on Canada's Powder Highway. The Canadian Rockies are known for their deep and light champagne powder. I'm super stoked that it's sorted, from here on in it's just socialising with my future colleagues on Facey, until I board the flight for Vancouver to meet them in person.
Folow my blog http://mikenorsa1.blogspot.com.au/


Melinda Marsh - Big White

Season 2012/2013

Having TWHC help me not only apply for my visa, secure me a job and throw AWESOME parties, it was a welcome ease into my life. If I had questions, they were answered. If i was feeling nervous about further interview, they pulled me back to earth with "secret being awesome" tips. If I needed to communicate with fellow Canadian goers, they put my onto there various social networking sites. And if I just wanted chill and actually hangout with some like minded people, they throw a shindig! I've already met so many people that I truly love and i'm not even there yet. Another bonus to travelling the world. I cannot believe how easy its been, and its made the wait so much more bearable.

Fowllow my Blog : http://melleemarsh.blogspot.com.au/

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