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Accordion Canada 2018 FAQ

  • Kickstart Canada (Main Page + Cube)

    Live And Work Canada Guide 2018 Starting Your Canadian Adventure
    Everything You Need To Know Kickstart Programme $250

    Already have a hook up to sort you out with a job and accommodation in Canada and just need help with the daunting visa application and arrival process? Our Kickstart Service ensures you get step-by-step visa assistance from your first click to visa approval, Not only do we guarantee you approval of your visa application first time but we also assist you with arriving into Vancouver and hitting the ground running with our E-Orientation and Guide to Living and Working in Canada.


    You get:

    • Comprehensive Step-By-Step Visa Guide
    • 10 Hour a Day Access to our Canadian Visa Specialists
    • First Nights Accommodation on Arrival to Vancouver
    • Guide to Living & Working in Canada
    • E-Orientation Pre-Departure (So you can hit the ground running on arrival)




    Kickstart Canada (Main Page + Cube)
  • Instructor Course and Jobs (Main Page + Cube)

    Want to live the dream and become a qualified Sk or Snowboardi instructor? The Working Holiday Club is proud to announce that we have teamed up with SilverStar Ski Resort to offer Level 1 certifications with a gauranteed job on completion.

    The courses commences in the first week of December and involves seven days of on-snow training before the three days course commences.  You will also have plenty of time off to practice your skills before taking the final test.!

    Silverstar has extremely high standards for their instructors so its imporrant you understand the programme before jumping right in. to be eligible you MUST have experience working, teaching or volunteering with children in some capactity. if you are unsure about your experience levels and whether they would be enough simply ask your Canadian Working Holidaty specialist!


    Included in the programme.

    • 3 Day Training Course
    • 1 Day Assessment Course
    • CASI Membership
    • Teaching Manual & Assessment 

    As Part of the TWHC Programme you will also receive

    • Face-to-Face iInterview in Aus/NZ
    • Guaranteed Job on completion of the certification.
    • On Mountain Staff Housing
    • Free Season Lift Pass
    • First Nights Accommodation on Arrival to Vancouver
    • Step by Step Visa Assistance
    • In-Country Orientation


    Important Information

    Level 1’s

    • The Course includes the skills to teach children from first time to snowplough turns, class handling & safety, technical information, riding & demonstrating ability all based on the core skills used in the Australian teaching system.
    • The minimum skier ability level required is intermediate (parallel on blue runs)
    • No previous work experience is required but it is heavily favoured
    • Minimum Age is 19
    • Must Hold Aus, NZ, UK or EU Passport
    • Have No Drink Diving Offences
    • While success rates are high, they are not guaranteed.
  • Program Timetable


  • Canada Summer (Main Page + Cube)



    Contrary to popular belief, Canada as a tourist destination is actually far more popular in the summer months when the place really heats up and everything and everyone comes out to enjoy the beautiful wilderness! The snow starts to melt, the animals come out of hibernation, and the adrenaline lovers get to experience those exciting pursuits other than skiing or snowboarding as temperatures soar into the high 20's & 30’s.

    Hiking, White Water Rafting, Downhill Biking and Rock Climbing are just a few of the awesome activities you can experience while working a summer season in Canada. With Pre-Arranged jobs everywhere from Whistler to Banff we have got your covered with all positions coming with full time hours, staff housing, a free season Lift/Bike pass and full training on arrival. What’s best is we actually fly the HR managers from Canada to Aus/NZ to interview you before you even book your flights or quit your current job.


    Yep it’s that easy! Start with Summer, Stay for Winter.
    Canada 2018…. Let’s do it!









    Canada Summer 2018 on Biteable.




    • Guaranteed Job Offer Pre Departure

    • Refund For Rejections

    • Lift Pass

    • Step-by-step Visa Assistance (24 Months)

    • Staff Housing Or Full Housing Assistance

    • Winter Job Assistance (If You Want To Change Locations/resorts)

    • Access To Closed Facebook Groups (Meet Your New Mates Before You Arrive)

    • First Nights Accommodation Arrival To Vancouver

    • Orientation On Arrival To Vancouver (Sin, Bank, Sim, Snow Gear)

    • In Country Support Throughout The Entire Season

    • Meet & Greet Parties On Arrival 



    Program Fee

    • Initial Deposit Fee: $399

    • Final Payment: $600 – paid within 8 weeks of your initial deposit. Want to pay in full – no worries. If you need a payment plan – just ask us! 

    • The total program fee is $999, only a deposit payment of $399 is needed to get started



    • Hold an Australia/NZ/UK/EU passport valid for at least two years at time of application

    • Be aged between 18 and 31 years inclusive.

    • Have no criminal convictions, including serious traffic convictions.

    • Minor offenses may be admissible.

    • Have Travel Insurance for the ENTIRE duration of your stay in Canada

    • Provide documentary evidence on arrival in Canada of access to approximately CA$2,500  



    • Online enquiry will create an account for you

    • Check phone or email to book a consultations call 

    • Discuss your options for resorts and jobs

    • Deposit Payment $399 if you're happy with our offering 



    Canada Working Visa & Forms

    • Program Application Forms

    • Visa Application 

    • Pre-Screening Skype Interview 

    • Matched With Job & Resort 

    • Visa Approval

    • Final Payment Due

    Getting Hired

    • Face-to-Face Resort Interview 

    • Receive Job Contract

    • Book Flights & Travel Insurance

    In Canada

    • TWHC Orientation in Vancouver

    • Arrival Party

    • Bus to Resort

    • Training & Orientation with Resort

    Season Kicks Off! 


    • Applications for both winter & summer seasons open in October

    • Applications for summer close in mid-march

    • Interviews for summer – late march / early April

    • Most summer positions commence early June

    • Applications for winter close early June (or when all job roles have been allocated)

    • ​Interviews in Australia – June​ (predominantly face-to-face interviews)

    • Interviews in new Zealand – early July in set locations both in north and south islands​

    • Interviews in London – late July / early august

    • Interviews in Europe (Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark) – late July / early August



    • Lift Operations

    • Food and Beverage Cashier

    • Rental Cashier

    • Retail Sales Staff

    • Food and Beverage Busser

    • Food and Beverage Food Server

    • Cook

    • Retail (previously proven sales experience an asset)

    • Bike Repair (previous experience required)

    • Conference Facilities Food & Beverage

    • Front Desk (Previous hotel experience required)

    • * No previous hotel-related experience is required for most roles as training is offered for all positions



    • Whistler Blackcomb

    • The Four Seasons Resort Whistler 

    • Banff Gondola

    • Minnewanka Lake Cruise

    • Jasper Ice fields Adventures

    • Lake Louise Resort - Banff

    • Kicking Horse Mountain Resort















    Canada Summer (Main Page + Cube)
  • Canada Winter (Main page + cube)





    It goes without saying that Canada is renowned around the world for its unforgettable winter seasons. Deep powder, thriving nightlife, untracked terrain and breathtaking scenery are what make it so special. Whether you’re taking the plunge alone or with a group of mates our Powder Package is your one-stop service to the most memorable experience of your life!

    What makes our Powder Package even more attractive is that your employment contract will be secured before you commit to purchasing any flights or travel insurance. That’s right! We fly the HR managers from Canada out to interview you in your home country

    This year its your turn to take the plunge! Don’t let another year pass being the one that’s viewing everyone else’s travel updates, photos & posts! Canada 2018...Let’s Do It!




    • Guaranteed ski resort job
    • Free Season Lift Pass
    • Step-by-Step Visa Assistance
    • Staff Housing or Full Housing Assistance
    • Summer Job Assistance
    • Access to closed Facebook Groups
    • First Nights Accommodation
    • Orientation On Arrival to Vancouver
    • In Country Support
    • Meet & Greet Parties on Arrival


    Emma explains briefly how it all works 






    • Hold an Australia/NZ/UK.EU passport valid for at least two years at time of application
    • Be aged between 18 and 31 years inclusive.
    • Have no criminal convictions, including serious traffic convictions.
    • Minor offenses may be admissible.
    • Have Travel Insurance for the ENTIRE duration of your stay in Canada
    • Provide documentary evidence on arrival in Canada of access to approximately CA$2,500




    • Whistler Blackcomb
    • Last frontier heliskiing
    • Cypress Mountain
    • Mt norquay banff
    • Kicking Horse
    • Silver Star
    • Big White
    • Grouse mountain
    • Sunshine Village
    • Lake Louise
    • Nakiska
    • Westin Resort Whistler
    • Four seasons - Whistler
    • Brewster


    Interview & start dates

    • Applications for both winter & summer seasons open in october
    • Applications for summer close in mid-march
    • Interviews for summer – late march / early april
    • Most summer positions commence early june
    • Applications for winter close early june (or when all job roles have been allocated)
    • ​interviews in australia – june​ (predominantly face-to-face interviews)
    • Interviews in new zealand – early july in set locations both in north and south islands​
    • Interviews in london – late july / early august
    • Interviews in europe (sweden, netherlands, denmark) – late july / early august

    Winter positions on our program

    • Parking attendant
    • Lead cook
    • Hotel maintenance worker
    • Barista
    • Bartender
    • Warehouse attendant
    • Sous chef
    • Serve
    • Retail sales associate
    • Rental attendant
    • Prep cook
    • Lift operator
    • Bell person
    • Room attendant
    • Guest services agent
    • Daycare assistant
    • Revenue representative
    • Ticket seller / validation host
    • Ski school sales host
    • Cashier – retail or food & beverage
    • Hut bistro worker
    • Food station server
    • Busser
    • Night audit
    • Reservation agent

    Can I apply for Canada programs if I am a uni student?

    Yes... But be aware that canadian employers consider university students pathological liars because they rarely commit to the entire season/job contract. Because of the poor reputation of uni students, applicants are required to obtain 'letters of deferment' to prove their commitment to this program and employment.
    If you are a uni student, remember that this experience is for potential employment for up to two years... Don't waste this opportunity by only coming for six months, as the visa criteria have changed and recurring visas are now no longer available!
    Need clarification? Give us a call... We'll help walk you through it!


    What is the legal drinking age in Canada?

    It’s different across the country. British columbia is 19, alberta is 18. Should you travel to the united states while working in canada, you will need to obtain an esta visa to enter, and be aware that their drinking age is 21. There can be severe consequences should you be caught underage drinking!


    Can I just do it myself?

    You can, however, it’s extremely risky and no doubt costly. The resorts & hotels have staffing needs of hundreds of employees and can’t leave it until the last minute to do their hiring in case they fall short. Subsequently, they use the working holiday club™ to handle their candidate flow for international hires (overall hiring numbers for canadian employees are carefully monitored and tracked by the canadian gov – there's not a bottomless pit for internationals to work in canada).

    You might be able to score yourself a job at one of the local grocery stores, bakeries or restaurants, but without guaranteed hours, at $10.00 per hour, if you are only getting 15 hours per week that’s not even going to pay for your rent if you are not living in staff housing.
    Here are some factors to take into consideration if you have decided to do it yourself.

    You will need to secure your work visa fast as their quotas are reached earlier each year.

    • If you decide to work at a ski resort, you will need to have accommodation before the resort offers you position.
    • If you manage to secure employment with a local grocery or retail outlet on the mountain, your accommodation will be very expensive if any is even available for you to rent on min wage.
    • You will need to fork out as much as $1800 for a season ski lift pass – local shops very rarely can offer you an annual pass for free.
    • You will need to budget for a minimum of three weeks in a hostel while you jobs hunt

    For your interviews, you will need to travel to the resorts and pay for accommodation and flights. Very costly.
    In a nutshell, those that diy faces accommodation issues, ski lift pass cost, a lack of consistent and reliable work, and expensive interview travel expenses!

    The working holiday club™ offers you the security to have everything pre-arranged so that you have peace of mind when arriving in canada. You're also guaranteed:

    Instant income

    • Free season lift pass
    • A roof over your head
    • Legal visa
    • Safe arrival into your new home
    • All you need to think about is what drink you're going to order at the meet and greet party on arrival!

    How do I meet other applicants before arrival?

    We have specific and exclusive closed facebook groups set up for each resort/hotel. It doesn't sound like much, but when you pool all these various applicants into one social environment, you're pooling lots of other peoples' experiences and stories.
    Many applicants organise to meet up in their cities with others before interviews, and then once job contracts are finalized, organize to travel with other crew mates on the same flights. Leaving home & family and arriving into a foreign country is less intimidating with a posse of mates beside you!
    Not to mention, it also helps to know some names (even if only socialise online) on arrival to canada.


    Is a company representative in canada when I arrive?

    Yes... We have a desk within the samesun hostel so we will meet you on arrival. We also host orientations to help you set up your social insurance number (sin), bank account and sim card, and much more, which will assist the transition into your new home country a breeze. The working holiday club™ representative will also host the meet and greet drinks with the other staff heading to the same location as yourself, so you get to make some new mates before heading up to your resort/hotel.


    Can I specify a particular position that I want to apply for?

    You sure can! Once your application fee has been finalised and you have completed your online application, you will be asked to answer our skills-based assessment test, where you can put forward your application for a particular position. However, as certain positions are very popular, you may wish to consider listing some different preferences. Remember, flexibility is an attractive trait for all employers!
    The job you applied for might have many other applying for it as well, so consider the role and your suitability carefully. For example, many people apply for lift operator roles... Those people who have worked outside previously or in labouring roles will have a distinct advantage over those who have never had a physical job. Reading and understanding job descriptions and how they will apply to you is incredibly important when considering jobs for six months or more.
    Consider if you are fit for the role – if you have previous experience. Some roles start early and finish early. Again, read and research the roles you are interested in.
    Ask your working holiday club™ recruitment manager if you have any questions or require clarification.


    Do I need to have experience at skiing / boarding to work in a ski resort?

    In most positions, you will not need to have skied in your life before. Some of our applicants have never even seen the snow before! However, lift operations & some instructor positions will need you to have experience on the slopes to be considered for a position. Kicking horse ski resort requires lift operators to be at least intermediate or advanced skiers or riders. The terrain at this resort is quite advanced, and there is minimal beginner terrain here.


    Can I go with a friend or partner?

    Yes, you can. We understand moving to the other side of the world can be a little daunting, and we strive to ensue we give you and your friends/partners the best possible opportunity of working together. That is why, in your application, you can note who you will be travelling with. Ultimately the decision is the interviewers', and we cannot guarantee you will both receive a job offer. As we mentioned earlier, be flexible with your job options, and we are confident we will be able to place you and your friends together.

    Be aware the larger the group of travellers, the greater the chance of someone not being offered a role. This was also applied to couples – one is stronger than the other. There is always 'one person' in the group that isn't as sharp or as focused. The resort or hotel interviewers have no qualms deciding who they offer roles to, and who they don't. This is a brutal reality... The info here is to help prepare you.


    Ski resort staff housing

    Many people say finding a place to live is the most challenging part of relocating to a ski town for the winter. Because the goal of most ski areas is to house and feed as many visitors as possible during the winter months, employee housing is often limited and expensive. Some resort employers provide or arrange to the house for their workers; newcomers to the industry may want to target these companies when looking for a job. Most of the resorts offer staff housing, making us the top agency to work with us.


    Placement guarantees

    Easy, we fly the hr managers to your home country to interview you face-to-face so you will 100% have a full-time job contract in your hand before you even book your flights to canada!

    Through our extensive partnerships with reputable employers across canada, we can offer the job guarantee service.

    • Our resort & hotel partners provide us with the exact number of positions to fill each season
    • Our partners will interview you face-to-face before you leave your home country
    • Our partners provide you with you formal job contracts, hr documents, start dates, rate of pay and the position you were accepted for months before your departure date
    • Unlike our competitors in the industry, we do not take applications and then proceed to find a suitable employment – we already have the job you're looking for.

    Terms conditions & refund policy

    • Applicants will be sent the working holiday club™ terms & conditions which need to be read, understood and signed before the commencement of the program. Any questions... Let us know... We are very clear about what we offer and what we don't... So should you need clarification, ask!
    • Once these t&c's are signed (online) and the program has commenced, should applicants drop out or no longer want to continue, all money paid, be it partial or full payment, is not refundable.
    • Once candidates have secured employment and commenced work at the resort/hotel, the working holiday cub™ will not interfere with the working relationship. We are a facilitator of the working relationship not the mediator.
    • Each candidate is responsible for purchasing travel insurance which includes cancellation policy cover.
    • The terms and conditions must be siigned prior to payments made.
    • If you would like copy of the terms please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Resort and travel agents references

    Industry references, so you know you're in safe hands!

    Whistler Blackcomb reference

    We have partnered with twhc for 10 years now. We have worked with a few agencies over the years and now use twhc exclusively. With honest two-way communication, the team really understands our business & consistently delivers top candidates for us to meet. Extremely organized & efficient, our time is always well spent & this has proven to be the most effective way to recruit great people. The team are true professionals & I would recommend them to anyone.


    Silver Star reference

    Silver star have been working with the working holiday club for many years now to assist us with our hiring. It is a challenge for any company to recruit large numbers of employees season after season, however, with the assistance of the working holiday club we are able to fill these positions with a professional, reliable, engaged employee team. We feel that the working holiday club are industry leaders in recruiting employees within the ski industry. The team at the working holiday club understand the needs of each resort that they partner with, offering an honest service to both employer and employee. I would have no hesitation in recommending the working holiday club as a friendly, welcoming and trustworthy company to work with.


    Flight Centre group plc reference:

    This email is to acknowledge that flight centre travel group and the working holiday club have been working together for over 5 years. During this time we've found twhc to be a solid, ethical, and completely above-board organization, and furthermore have a strong business relationship with. We strongly value the partnership between our two organizations, and rely heavily on twhc to provide our customers with a honest, and seamless customer experience.Our relationship extends across all retail brands within the flight centre travel group, including but not limited to flight centre, student flights, escape travel, and my adventure store.


    • We have the best ski resorts
    • We have the best ski resorts jobs
    • We have the best interview processs
    • We are the preferred working holiday agency for large companies like flight centre, student flights (austalia and new zealand) and kilroy international (europe). We are also the most significant areas likewhsiter blackcomb, failure to deliver what we say we will do is not an option. Having these partnerships for ten years indicates we are the best because we do what we say we will do
    • For 10 years major resort trust us with international hiring


    When should I apply?

    As soon as you are able! We assign interviews based on when people sign up to our program, which means first applicants get first choice over who they interview with. So the earlier you apply the more likely that you’ll get your preferred employer interviews and times!


    Are a cv and references required?

    Yes you will be required to provide an up to date cv, contact details of at least 2 references and 2 written references. The cv will need to be organised before the interview so that the employers can review your application. We will help out with templates and a cv review before the interview


    What should I expect from the interview?

    Canadian employment interviews are similar to interviews you may have had in the past. You should be prepared to answer questions about yourself, your skills, experience and also your strengths and weaknesses. The interviews are formal and you should act professionally throughout. While ski resorts may be more casual workplaces than your average office you will still need to make an effort to dress nicely and show your best manners!


    Do I need to bring anything to the interview?

    No, during our application process we will make sure that the required documents are collected in advance. We meet with the hr and present you to the hr team. We made recommendations and highlight your strengths to increase your chances of being accepted for preferred job.


    What happens when I first get to canada?

    As part of the program you get a free nights at a central vancouver hostel. Our office is located in the hostel and your arrival orientation will take place there also. During orientations we will assist you in getting canadian sin (tax) number and bank account and you mobile sim. After orientation we party.


    How long will I be working at my resort and how many hours will I work?

    The usual minimum term is 5 months, or the duration of the ski season. These positions are seasonal so, to some degree, your hours depend on the snow. The majority of our positions are full time (30-40 hours) seasonal roles. Your hours will be made clear to you when you are offered a job so it won’t be a surprise. We recommend having some back up savings for emergencies and to put aside some wages from the super busy weeks to tide you over if you have some slow weeks.


    Are there any special uniform/grooming requirements on the job?

    Once you accept your job you’ll be informed of any special uniform requirements by your employer. In general it is a good idea to make sure you can bring black shoes, pants and a white shirt for indoor positions as a base for the uniform. For outdoor positions you would usually be provided with the outer layers you need to survive in the snow but it is a very good idea to bring plenty of warm layers to wear underneath. Each resort is a little bit different but they all expect tidy and wholesome grooming. You may need to cut off dreads or dye your hair a natural colors if you have a more alternative style. Piercings may or may not be suitable for their policies depending on how visible they are. At the interview they will let you know if there are any special requirements that you need to know about


    How will I get to work?

    This depends on your resort and accommodation situation. Most of resort partners have onsite staff housing, so waling to walk is generally the go. Other ways of getting to work are catching public transport catching a staff shuttle from staff accommodation. You should not need to buy a car while you are over there as many of the resort staff will be temporarily living in the area like you and there is infrastructure in place for staff without personal transport.


    Will I get any benefits around the resort?

    All of our employers offer benefits to their employees above and beyond your wage. The benefits differ from employer to employer but all offer a free or discounted season ski pass discounts on lessons, gear and rentals and food.

    Our resorts are famous for their benefits, most sort after benefits are;

    • Free ski lift passes
    • Staff housing
    • Meal plans
    • We are very picky when selecting resort partners, if staff housing or hand on support in is not available, we will not be over eager to take them on.


    What happens after the winter season ends?

    With us you get support for the full 24 months of your visa, so there is no reason to finish just yet! If you are thinking of heading to a different part of canada to work out the summer then we will put your forward, just the same as we did in round one. Accept you will only need to do quick skype interview. Our partners have been with for over 10 years now, in most cases our recommendation is all your need!

    Welcome to the club





We would love to hear from you. 

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    From Australia : 1300 295 579
    From New Zealand: 099735913
    From UK/Europe: 0333 800 1833
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We would love to hear from you. 

  • Find out more

    From Australia : 1300 295 579
    From New Zealand: 099735913
    From UK/Europe: 0333 800 1833
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