Shared student rooms zone 1

Shared student rooms zone 1

You will have the option of staying in a single, twin shared, or  triple room. Our rooms are all in zone1, in walking distances for work

Weekly rentals are;
  • £128 per week all bills included (3 per room)
  • £150 per week all bills included (2 per room)
  • 3 meals per day
  • free internet
  • bedding
  • contents insurance
  • bills
  • cleaning
  • gym
  • social events
  • pool tables & table tennis
  • xbox and games rooms
  • tv rooms
  • sports days
  • £200 deposit required to secure your spot pre departure
Top reasons why this is good
  • Travel rent free
  • Volunteer for 20 hours a week and stay rent free plus get free meals
  • Walk to work and save on transports cost
  • Easy to get home at night
  • No long commute
  • Free food
  • Free internet
  • Safe and secure for first time travellers
  • Live with other cultures not just Aussie and kiwis
  • Travel as often as you like
  • Cheap rent in zone 1
  • No huge upfront costs
  • Meet great people
  • No long-term leases or lock in contracts
  • Not liable to covering rent of other rooms if house mates move out
  • No obligation to stay or pay rent if you move somewhere else or find another house to live in
  • Content insurance for your personal belonging included
  • Lockable personal space
  • Free gym
  • Live in heart of London and get a real London experience before moving to the suburb



Enquire now for more info:

AUSTRALIA 1300 295 579
NEW ZEALAND 09 973 5913




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