Live-In Gap Year Free Accommodation

Live-In Gap Year Free Accommodation

When you are offered a position to work in one of our Adventure Resorts, you will be offered on-site shared accommodation, free of charge! Yes, that’s right… you don’t pay rent! What a great way to start your working holiday!

Living and working on site certainly has its perks. For starters, there’s no need to get up too early as the commute to work is usually in the region of 30 seconds to five minutes. However, the actual benefits of living on the site go far beyond this. They’re a real community spirit and a fantastic sense of camaraderie amongst the staff team. Living onsite gives you the opportunity to socialise with your work colleagues and enjoy the centre’s facilities.

  • Staff Accommodation cost: Free
  • Type of room: Depending on the time of year that you arrive, your accommodation may be indoors, such as shared house, wooden cabin or chalet, or could be a shared large frame tent during the hot summer months.
  • Extras provided free of charge: Bedding, TV and a small kitchenette for tea and toast
  • Food: You will receive three free meals per day

Staff Facilities

  • Use of the swimming pool (available to limited properties)
  • Laundrette
  • On-site bar and large shop
  • Dry ski slope and purpose built lake
  • Free Wi-Fi in communal areas
  • Heated indoor swimming pool
  • Sports barn and activity barn with indoor climbing wall
  • Football pitch and playing fields
  • The Crazy Moose and Mini Moose on-site bars
  • Laundry facilities
  • Wi-Fi available for staff in communal areas
  • Day trips
  • Use of all the adventure facilities
  • Weekends & free time

Make the most of your free time by exploring your local area or heading off to soak up the sites in popular tourist spots such as Bath, London and Cornwall! Camp staff may also use the activity equipment in their spare time when guests are not using it. This can mean surfing, sailing and biking. Take time to hang out with other camp staff at the camp bar and practice your karaoke. The majority of the staff accommodation is in shared rooms with either an en-suite or shared bathroom.

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