• Start Dates: All year round
  • Salary: Minimum $21.75 + per hour – age / experience / resort dependent
  • Meals: Staff receive free or discounted meals - resort dependent
  • Accommodation: Free / subsidised either on/off-site – resort dependent
  • Uniforms: Usually free / subsidised uniform – resort dependent
Eligibility Criteria:
  • Minimum 6 – 12 months experience in a similar role in a similar establishment
  • Minimum commitment six months
  • Requisite training, qualifications and experience required
  • Must have current drivers license
  • Grooming, appearance and cleanliness must be a very high standard (no visible piercings or tattoos)
  • Must be willing to plan your travel arrangements according to employer defined start dates
  • Must be an Australian citizen or be eligible for an Australian Holiday visa

The maintenance staff at resorts and hotels provides an important task for the functioning of the establishment. They repair, fix, clean, maintain, and check that all the resort facilities are working correctly.

Each resort has a variety of jobs that need to be done on a daily or regular basis in order for the resort to be in good working order and look in the best condition possible for guests. Maintenance falls under many different categories and while some of the housekeeping tasks include the cleaning of the front desk and lobby area, sometimes this duty falls onto the maintenance staff as well. Maintenance generally means the repairing of lights and light fittings, ensuring that stairs remain clean and free from debris, that lawns, garden beds and entrance ways are neat and tidy, that doors, door handles, windows, air conditioners, heaters, kitchen equipment, dining room furniture and equipment, lobby furniture and more remain in excellent working condition.

With the size of many resorts and hotels, these tasks are given to a team of maintenance workers, who will go around the resort each day to check vital equipment and furniture and make any necessary repairs. They will also attend to the guests specifically if a breakage or fault is reported. This will entail visiting the guests’ rooms to make the necessary repairs, and although you are not generally required to be a people person in this job, there are times where you might have to deal directly with the guests, so good customer service skills are required.
Skills, Qualifications and Experience
  • You will be responsible for maintaining areas of the resort to which you are assigned. Sometimes your tasks will involve a certain area or be limited to a specific task, but you will more often than not be required to offer your services in a variety of different places around the resort and as called upon. You will be responsible for the equipment you use and must ensure that you perform your duties in a safe and responsible manner to ensure the safety of yourself, your co-workers and the guests.
  • Aside from some experience in maintenance and repair work, most resorts look to hire someone with a certification in electrical repairs, HVAC maintenance or a plumbing certificate. To work on any of the lights or electrical circuits in a resort, you will need to have an electrical certificate and provide qualifications in this regard. If you do not have this, you can still apply for a maintenance job where you will work under a supervisor or where you will be assigned specific tasks according to your level of expertise and qualifications.



  • El Questro
  • Fraser Island
  • Hamilton Island
  • Heron Island
  • Hidden Vale
  • Kings Canyon
  • Lizard Island
  • Peak Lodge
  • Sangoma Retreat
  • Tamarind Retreat
  • Vineyard Estate 
  • Clovelly Estate

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We would love to hear from you. 

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    From Australia : 1300 295 579
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    From UK/Europe: 0333 800 1833
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