• Start Dates: All year round
  • Salary: Minimum $17.75 + per hour – age / experience / resort dependent
  • Meals: Staff receive free or discounted meals – resort dependent
  • Accommodation: Free / subsidised either on/off-site – resort dependent
  • Uniforms: Usually free / subsidised uniform – resort dependent


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Minimum 6 – 12 months experience in a similar role within a peer level establishment
  • Important skills required are courteousness, helpfulness, and the need to please others.
  • Minimum commitment six months
  • Grooming, appearance and cleanliness must be a very high standard (no visible piercings or tattoos)
  • Must be willing to plan your travel arrangements according to employer defined start dates
  • Must be an Australian citizen or be eligible for an Australian Holiday visa
When you work at the front desk of a resort you are the person that guests see when they walk in and out. This makes you the person they will turn to for help, which is why you need to be clued up on all the goings-on in and around the resort. Although it is not your job, guests will turn to you for information regarding the area around you, where they can eat, where the best sights are, and much more.

If you are busy you could redirect them to the concierge desk, but guests do not know how things work in resort and hotels, so you will have to oblige them 99% of the time. The duties of the front desk staff include the checking in of guests, checking out, reporting repairs to maintenance, working the telephone system, answering questions about the community, recommending restaurants, theatres, events, and sights, keeping room records and records of transactions and explaining the billing records to guests upon their departure.

In smaller resorts or establishments your duties will extend a bit further as they will not have other employees to fulfill the duties. Most of the time, you will have to be the bellhop, the concierge and the front desk clerk. This means that you will have to deliver fresh towels and robes to guests’ rooms as well as offer room service. You will also have to take messages and coordinate problem solving for guests.
There are different forms of front desk employees, including the receptionist, registrar, information clerk or guest relations clerk. If you are working in a resort, all of these responsibilities will fall onto you.
Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Perform all of the basic duties like directing phone calls, filing and replying to faxes and answering mail.
  • Step in to take over the duties of a colleague that has not come in to work for the day.
  • Make sure that all files, papers and documents are confidential, especial the guests information and billing transactions.
  • You will need to help the office clerk whenever they need it. This will require you to do invoice preparation, filing, updating mail, database systems work, inventory, date entry and photocopying.
  • Arrange travel for guests, check guests in and out, advise guests on where to go, what to see and where to eat.
  • Arrange travel for the manager of the resort when going to meetings, and make sure that he/she has accommodation.
  • Make sure that the office equipment supply is always replenished and in operational order. That includes computers, photocopiers, fax machines and the basic like stationary.
  • Help junior member of staff by teaching them the ropes, helping them get through the day and showing them how to do their duties.
  • Make sure that the junior staff does what needs to be done, that tasks are completed and that the front of house is in a uniformed state.
  • You will need to be highly computer literate, and work with: word-processing, desktop publishing, database management, and have knowledge of computer operating system tools.
  • You will need to have high multitasking abilities an abnormal accuracy level.
  • You will need to be excellent at communication and have great interpersonal skills.
  • You need to have a fast paced and dynamic personality.
  • A working knowledge of different telecommunication technologies is a plus.
  • Balfour Hotel
  • Clovelly Estate
  • El Questro
  • Fraser Island
  • Fitzroy Island
  • Hamilton Island
  • Heron Island
  • Hidden Vale
  • Kings Canyon
  • Lizard Island
  • Peak Lodge
  • Sangoma Retreat
  • Tamarind Retreat
  • Vineyard Estate 


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UK +44 (0) 3338 001 833
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We would love to hear from you. 

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    From Australia : 1300 295 579
    From New Zealand: 099735913
    From UK/Europe: 0333 800 1833
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